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August 25th, 2013

bag of books summer party!

So this morning (after being up since 5am and up 5 times with baby boy in the night… yawn!) i did my troll swap event at the lovely buttercup cafe in lewes for the bag of books summer party.


it was lots of fun, and very messy!


here are the cupcake trays filled with buttons, sequins, pompoms and little felt teeth!



this was my favourite…. simple but really stylish i think.

i would buy this one.



a nice cheesy grin for the camera mister troll!


i just love the expression on this little troll here


this disco troll was particularly glitzy i must say


i love the little pointy teeth!

am hoping that all the children treated their grown ups to a fun troll puppet show later in the day


bag of books set up a book tent in the courtyard and made a fine display of my books.

i wish we could have hung around for the rest of the day as there were oodles of fun and exciting things to do there (my little girl cried when we left to go home to our artwave shop boo hoo)

am so pleased that the grizzly weather cleared up and we got some sunshine… hoorah

if you want to have a look at other things that went on in the day have a look at the rather fab little lewes blog.


ooh, and here is my lame big drawing of timothy limpet.

i find it always a bit odd drawing so big and standing to the side so that little people can watch. 

that is my excuse for timothy having a bit of a squishy head. 

and another tip, never draw lots of individual hairs… it takes ages and people get bored!

but a lovely morning.

thanks all for coming and making such wonderful trolls

and thanks for bag of books for inviting me to be part of their summer party.


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