January 26th, 2016

Thortful cards

before i start my proper work of illustrating a book, i have been having a lot of fun designing cards for new shiny online card company thortful.

you can buy them online and they send them either with your message in and post it to your desired recipient… or send it to you to scribble in.

you can see some of my designs below.

they have done a little interview with me which you can read here

hope you like


home sm brolly sm LOVEhim sm teacup smnut sm LOVEher sm dream sm moonsun sm love you sm   unicorn sm duck rain sm yes sm elephant sm baby sm laadybird sm bird tree sm peacock sm octopus sm ok sm bunny sm teacup sm

I have created a set of 6 original illustrations which are being auctioned online here.

100% of the earnings will go to war child  charity and the much needed valuable work that they do in these very troubled times.

If people like my work please please bid and buy one… get something nice and do something good.

I wanted to do this, as like most of us i felt useless and overwhelmed by all of the worlds news, especially the current desperate plight of the Syrian refugees and all of the families and children caught up in war and conflict that is nothing to do with them.

I know this is a small gesture. But doing something is surely better than doing nothing.

I am generally quite useless, but i can draw and make things.

So that is what i have done.

I wanted to make something positive, something happy, something hopeful, about children, about children being allowed to be children.

The set of illustrations are called “Love, Dream and Grow Child”. As every child deserves and should have the opportunity to do just that

All the stuff growing out of the children’s heads represents these important and very human things…. the hearts to love, the stars to dream… and the flowers to grow and learn. All these are important qualities to cherish before a child grows up and goes out in to the big wide world to make their way as compassionate, open and loving human beings.


ps as a rule i feel intrinsically awkward and at odds with pushing my work and doing social media self promotion. I don’t feel comfortable with it and it feels all icky and show offy…. so i hope that people realise why i am doing this and don’t get irritated with all the tweets etc that i will do to promote this cause. I am hoping to get over my awkwardness and raise some money to do some good to help some children. Children who don’t have the carefree happy childhood that i was lucky enough to have.

lgd 01a

lgd 02

lgd 03a

lgd 04a

lgd 05a

lgd 06a

I was umming and ah-ing about making a wonkybutton advent calendar this year- and then I decided just to go for it. This decision was made for a few good reasons which I will share with you now.

I began noticing chocolate  advent calendars creep into the shops well over a month ago. As well as it being obviously far too early to even contemplate Christmas at the time- the familiar feelings (that I have every year) about how commercial it all seems really started to make me feel down.

You will know the advent calendars I am talking about…. big brands like Peppa Pig, Thomas and Hello Kitty (other commercial advent calendars are also available!) with their cheap horrible plastic chocolate offerings inside. The outside is no better… a generic badly illustrated snowy scene that bears absolutely no resemblance to Christmas apart from the stereotypical Christmas weather (that we don’t really get until late January anyway!)

The thing is, I am not really religious (well, I was raised as a roman catholic- but that is a whole different blog post)- but that doesn’t stop me appreciating the real story and meaning of Christmas. Any story that is one of hope, peace, giving and love surely has to be a good one to share with our children. I think that it is not only possible as an atheist, but also vital, for us to celebrate the Christmas story to try and keep some sort of balance and perspective to what would otherwise be just a hideously indulgent and materialistic overload.

Our children will get enough presents and treats over this festive period- they don’t need to have extra chocolates every day leading up to Christmas day. As if they do- surely that will just mean you have to up the anti as all expectations (and sugar levels) are higher. I think that having an advent calendar that supplies a little present (chocolate or otherwise) and insists that you gradually destroy it until it is no more that a husk like piece of rubbish on Christmas day, is not ultimately a good message. Why not instead, have one that gives you the simple pleasure of adding something each day to make it turn into something whole. By watching your advent calendar grow and evolve until complete on Christmas day, is actually quite magical and satisfying. Teaching our children that by looking forward to something like Christmas day (by making the emphasis being on the countdown rather than the sugary treat) can make it even more special and exciting.


One thing I have noticed about being a mother, is that stickers are like catnip for children. It is such a simple thing, but they all go crazy for a sticker. I know it isn’t a new thing to make a sticker advent calendar, but being an illustrator/maker person, I wanted one for my children that ticked all the boxes (in no particular order!)…. nicely designed, with stickers, Nativity scene. I couldn’t seem to find one anywhere that had these things, so I decided to make one myself.

As it is a small artisan print run which is relatively expensive to produce, I realise that my calendar is perhaps pricier than the cheap supermarket ones. But I really hope that people appreciate the sentiment that my wonkybutton calendar represents.


So, about the calendar… basically the background (printed on A4 280gsm recycled craft card) is quite bare- just a shed-like building, ground, and starry sky. There is also an A4 sheet of 25 stickers (one for each day of December until Christmas day) and a simple instruction postcard which illustrates a suggested order to put the stickers on. I made the order “suggested” as of course it is the child’s prerogative to add them in any order. The same applies for the placement of the stickers. I always think it is good to have loose rules/instructions, but equally important is to leave a bit of room for individual creativity. So by the time Christmas day arrives, the scene will have magically grown to be brimming with of stars, hearts, people and sheep. Who could ask for more!


My little girl helped me assemble one for promotional photos and is itching to get started on her “real one” in December. The only thing is, I must remember to tell Granny not to undo all my good work by just going out and buy her a rubbish chocolate advent calendar!

My favourite sticker has to be the angel. I know “technically” the angel is male- but the truth is, I wasn’t going to do the angel at all. But then, my little girl said I absolutely should (any human-like thing that has wings is just amazing according to her). So actually, the angel is my daughter.


*I wrote the above post for the wonderful Little Lewes blog. As you can see, my above post is long and burbly, so was made more palettable on the little lewes blog (which you can read HERE if you like!)


November 6th, 2014

knackered mummy necklaces


the wonkybutton knackered mummy necklaces are now in online to buy…


ding dong the wonkybutton sticker nativity advent calendar is here & available to buy!


watch this little movie of the calendar


The cover of my new book “the big monster snorey book” da da! blurb here  published by nosy crow


June 10th, 2014

viva lewes magazine

i was asked by the lovely viva lewes people if i would like to do the front cover of the June edition of the “what’s on in lewes” (ie EVERYTHING!) magazine.

of course i said yes.

and here is the finished thing that popped through my letter box the other week.

thought i would share my working process for it.

i created a colour palette that i thought would work well


i did a rough sketch

VL_june14 design


i made clunky cut out collage flowers and fauna


i scanned them in and made them nice and shiny

viva2flars viva1flars

then i put it all together and did the typography

am so thrilled how the colours came out.


looks really summery i think!


and i even got a little blurby write up inside…


i will be selling lovely signed a4 giclee prints of the cover (on somerset 330gms photorag paper) for £15 so let me know interested

woohoo! my #areyousittingcomfortably

postcard packs now available in my online shop.

£9 (pack of 20)


here are close ups of the 20 different designs


limited edition giclee prints to follow soon!

while i have been waiting for publisher feedback on the book i am working on, i prefer not to twiddle my thumbs so have been enjoying making this series of simple papercut and ink drawings.

the idea was tiny children engrossed in reading great books while sitting on huge comfortable patterned chairs. i plan to frame the origionals and sell them at the brighton open house in may 2014

i am also going to have limited edition a4 gilcee prints of them and collector postcard packs of them.

people have been very nice about them, so am thinking i will also sell them online in my shop…..

so watch this space! here are some quicky photos of the illustrations…

























i couldn’t resist this one he he!

emmas quilt

it has become a bit of a tradition in my family… that when there is a new baby about to be born in the family, i design a quilt, and my clever mum makes it.

so here is my design for my little brother and lovely sister in laws new baby to be

they love birds, so i hope they like this design

shhhh… it is a secret!

March 13th, 2014

Facebox family

i made this facebox family to sell as part of the brighton open house in may 2014




i cut circles out of fabic and painted on faces, adding needle felted hair



they looked a bit weird and platey when i placed them in the frames…



so i shaped them more to give more definition.

i sewed them

and stuffed them




and placed them in there boxes to see how they were looking.



i glued on nice papers to the insides of the frames.



and placed them in to look at.






the faces were then sewn onto the back red felt fabric,

just a few details left to add now (necklaces and collars)

and there they are…. Faceboxes

i think they look quite fun!

March 13th, 2014

Reupholstering old chair

i have been reupholstering an old chair we had.

inspired by a lovely heavy orange felt blanket i bought from a charity shop.

i have a very make-it-up-as-you-go-along approach to craft and just jump in without really worrying about it.

everything is a kind of experinent.

that is all part of the fun.


i sewed on a piece for the back (using a needle i had bent to make it easier)



i sewed on the base and used a different fabric for the arm (just to make it feel more contemporary and interesting)

then added the front arm piece.



oops. shouldnt have sewn on the back piece first!

so undid it and sewed through the dimples. (again, using the second fabric to add interest).



this was the most satisfying bit…. adding the buttons!



after the chair was covered- i added some bobbly trim which makes it look really smart.

before…. no one wanted to sit in this chair and it looked really sad.

now it is like a people magnet…. especially little people, as it is bright and fun and just the right height.

easy peesy!

March 5th, 2014

Wooden spoon dollies

i have been making some spoon dollies


i painted the faces

drew features with ink

(awake eyes on the front and sleeping eyes on the back)

glues pom pom hair bobbles


needle felted the dresses


i couldnt resist trying on their dresses before they were finished

(i am very impatient)


i made some arms out of pipe cleaners covered with fabric and needle felted hands


i made sewed on bodies and the arms

and made netted petticoats


i glued ribbons around their waists.

here they are finished from the front…


…and the back



think i am going to sell them at the brighton open house i am doing with a gaggle of amazing birds at the birdhouse

(but more about that later!)






For my new picture book I am working on

January 29th, 2014

Mix up book 4 proofs


Think this is my favourite colour version so far.
Orange zinger burger on toast

January 22nd, 2014

Stars on Canvas 2014

once again i have made a canvas for the stars on canvas event

this is for the willow foundation (which is only UK charity supporting seriously ill seriously ill 16-40 year olds by providing Special Days. Each unique experience is a positive focus away from treatment or marks recovery from illness.)

there will be lots of amazing canvas’s made by an array of amazing people (ranging from clebs, to sports people, to lowly little illustrators like moi)

i think the online charity auction will be in autumn…. so for once i am really organised!


i needle felted a bird on my canvas (that i covered in black felt)

stuck some collage spindley legs on it

stitched some wing and tail detail on….



added a collage beak…


and sequins…


and some cut out letters…


i let it all dry and watched the rain out of the shed window…


then i put it in the box and sent it back to the willow foundation charity

January 22nd, 2014

BAA! artwork

i have made one of the awards for this years BAAs! (British Animation Awards)

i love the idea that the award winners are given a framed piece of artwork for their trophey.

the rule is you always have to include a sheep in some way

so i did little bo peep


i painted on some muslin….


then cut her out…


then sewed her up and stuffed her and added some detail…


then stitched on some long eyelashes (that i wish i had)…


i made some needle felted sheep for her felt skirt and added lace trim…


her she is as a doll…


i made a red painty collage background to stick her on…


and voila!

i wonder who will win her…

i hope they like her…

i hope it is someone i know…

that would be good,


December 11th, 2013

Mix ups go global!





thanks to nosy crow for doing such a great job in getting these lovely doodle titles out in the big wide world!


the new batch!

i made them as hanging christmas decorations also. above is a photo of the tree decoration. (the deer one sold out at the lovely samantha stas pop up christmas shop on sunday)


here are the new christmas jars….. the deer is in red…


and the tree is in green.

the jars are slightly different also, but i really like the straight simplicity of the shape actually.


i also have more of them as cake toppers/table decorations which are the same as before.


December 11th, 2013

Roald dahl funny prize 2013



yesterday was a fun day out.

we went to booktrusts Roald Dahl funny prize awards in the magical Cambridge theatre (on matildas day off!)

was lovely sitting at the front. (we could never afford those seats if it was the real actual show)




mr superstar michael rosen did the speaky bits.

i love him, i found myself staring at him and smiling… i could watch him all day.

he just exudes warmth and fun like it is going out of fashion (which it is not by the way)


big fat hairy unforch, my book troll swap book didnt win. ah well

congratulations to simon rickerty with his book “monkey nut” which scooped the prize

also to jim smith in the 7-14 catagory for his book “i am still not a loser” (which as it turns out was very apt as he wasn’t a loser)

read more about it all on booktrusts webbysite



here is me getting a sit down (which i like to do when ever possible as i am really old)

was a fab day…. got to hang out with my uberdoober publisher Nosy Crow

and meet the wondrous sarah mcintyre (complete with teetery blue wig)

lovely too to meet fellow authors and illopeeps elys dolen , amy sparkes, sara ogilvie (whose illustrations i adore so very exciting), philip reeve , philip ardagh (plus his famous beard) and axel scheffler

what a day!

shame i was so blurry and zombified from not sleeping yet again due to little puky hot baby wriggling like an octopus in the night.

thanks booktrust for letting me be part of it all






i completely sold out of my deer/tree christmas jars and little trinkets so have got more on there way this week.

the trinkets were all supposed to be made into snow globes… but they looked so sweet and pretty i left some as they were and they were shnaffled up pronto. they can be used as funky christmas cake toppers or table decorations.

the christmas jars were intended to be snow globes. but i got scared of the responsibity of it all… what if the liquid leaked… what if the glue wasn’t water proof…. what if the distilled water and glycerin mix went all algaefied. i just couldn’t live with myself! so these christmas jars were the answer. they look lovely anf festive with the glittery paper backdrop and would look magical on any mantelpiece.

i am also making them up as hanging tree decoations. so watch this space!



we had a lovely time on saturday at the Lewes Artist and Makers fair.

SO many amazing people and creative talents. very inspirational.

check out

@magnifistanley @Tree_Moose @colourpositive  @SamanthaStas

the wonderful Samantha Stas is doing a quirky little pop up christmas shop this sunday at her house with other designers/makers (me included) is going to be fun.. details to follow





buy a limited (1/20) layered perspex owl and pussycat framed picture tomorrow @ArtMakeLewes a snip at £45 oooh yeahwb_286

getting my christmas treats ready for Lewes Artist and Makers Christmas Fair tomorrow!



just printed up my lovely little wooden laser cuts all ready to be signed and framed for saturday!




these are some of my wonkybutton christmas angels that i have made as cute little brooches.

they are slightly smaller than the hanging decoration angels and have felt wings and backs.

i will be selling them at the christmas markets…. first one on saturday (see previous post!)

fa la la la la

(it is NEARLY december… so is it allowed to start to get christmassy… puuuurleeesse?)

i will be at the magical Lewes artists and makers christmas fair this saturday (30th november) with my wonkybutton stall

do pop in and say hi

there will be loads of amazing locals artists and makers selling special treats and gifts for you and your loved ones

jpgA5 Colour flyer flattened FIN

October 31st, 2013

sausage doggy

we have a draughty under door and winter is creeping in… so i made this sausage doggy to exclude giraffes


here is his head…



here is his bum…


it was hard to get him all in the photo

(note the wooden cat looking at him suspiciously through the window)




he has a big packet of rice in him to make him nice heavy.

my daughter tries to ride him like a race horse

very funny

October 24th, 2013

Roald dahl funny prize 2013

oooh wow, so fab to be nominated for the roald dahl funny prize again… good old Troll Swap, you have done me proud

in very scarily good company unfortunately!

here is a blog post my fab publishers nosy crow have written (they have an amazing 3 books in the shortlist!)

you know it's going to be a remarkable day when Roald dahl follows you on twitter for a couple of reasons

1 he is my hero

2 he is dead





here are some samples of my snippysew christmas angels that i will be selling.

wb_277 wb_276 wb_275

they are £10 for a pack of 3 angels (love, peace and hope)



you can order them in raspberry or in teal.

wb_273 wb_271 wb_272


they come with an instruction postcard and white ribbon and crochet trim.

they will look sweetly magical dangling on any tree or mantalpiece.


have made some perspex brooches and keyrings for lewes tourist information centre

and here they are….

i like the white speech bubbles best i think.




new bear new bear! ukelele bear was sold in the first week, so here is piano bear.

i think they are in a bear band


one last day of 2013 artwave

have more yummy cakes, including my personal favourite, date and walnut cake nom nom

eebee made some decorative paper collage cakes behind (which are not for sale!)

nearly 11am… nearly time to open doors

August 25th, 2013

bag of books summer party!

So this morning (after being up since 5am and up 5 times with baby boy in the night… yawn!) i did my troll swap event at the lovely buttercup cafe in lewes for the bag of books summer party.


it was lots of fun, and very messy!


here are the cupcake trays filled with buttons, sequins, pompoms and little felt teeth!



this was my favourite…. simple but really stylish i think.

i would buy this one.



a nice cheesy grin for the camera mister troll!


i just love the expression on this little troll here


this disco troll was particularly glitzy i must say


i love the little pointy teeth!

am hoping that all the children treated their grown ups to a fun troll puppet show later in the day


bag of books set up a book tent in the courtyard and made a fine display of my books.

i wish we could have hung around for the rest of the day as there were oodles of fun and exciting things to do there (my little girl cried when we left to go home to our artwave shop boo hoo)

am so pleased that the grizzly weather cleared up and we got some sunshine… hoorah

if you want to have a look at other things that went on in the day have a look at the rather fab little lewes blog.


ooh, and here is my lame big drawing of timothy limpet.

i find it always a bit odd drawing so big and standing to the side so that little people can watch. 

that is my excuse for timothy having a bit of a squishy head. 

and another tip, never draw lots of individual hairs… it takes ages and people get bored!

but a lovely morning.

thanks all for coming and making such wonderful trolls

and thanks for bag of books for inviting me to be part of their summer party.


bah, oh drats, it is raining, and the path has flooded…. let us hope it doesn't stop people stopping by…wb_250

…for marshmallow rocky road, oat and raisin chocolate cookies, banana bread or lemon loaf…


here we are, the worker bees


snippysews smiling and waiting for their new homes


unframed prints, silver jewellery and badges, there has to be badges


shelves all dressed and neat and tidy


books waiting to be signed and read


silly old rain rain go away, come back another day.

now to sit down and listen to the singing detective sound track and try and resist eating all the cake!


… and before you ask, no the rob ryan vase and the clock are not for sale…. models own hee hee!



August 22nd, 2013

laser cut window pictures


i was going to frame them.


but actually they look so lovely in the window


i am so thrilled and proud that my everso clever mum is exhibiting and selling her wonderful jewellery at my artwave pop up wonkybutton shop!


i just love these lamp glass chunky beads she makes


and she has made oodles of bright glass letters to for bespoke name mobiles

August 20th, 2013

Hairy Troll glove puppets


here are the blank glove puppets i have made in preperation for a couple of lovely book events… 

including  lewes bag of books summer party this saturday.

i will be at the buttercup cafe at 10.30 reading troll swap and helping children create their own hairy troll glove puppets

i will have pom poms, sequins and glue at the ready!


(yes yes i know, i am doing artwave that day also…. so the fact is i am a bit scatty at the moment and got all the dates jumbled in my head…. but will  be racing back home after the event where my husband will be manning the fort)


my daughter and i tested them out to see if they would work….


… and dah dah… here are the results!

August 20th, 2013

origional collage children


a couple of framed pictures to be sold at artwave

i wanted to do a series of annoying childrens phrases…. but have only gotten around to these two.

more to follow hopefully!

August 20th, 2013

wonkybutton shop bits…


cat lamp is models own!


tea towels (which look lovely framed too)

tote bags

cloud mobiles (all strung and packaged and ready to go)

August 20th, 2013

wonkybutton sign


making my wonkybutton shop sign out of felt

snip snip snip!


my husband laughs at me and thinks i am just playing shops like a little girl… i suppose i am.
and cafes…. hee hee!

August 8th, 2013

melancholy monster

another origional pen and ink drawing for artwave
i think maybe that the little bird is in love with the big monster.

this framed illustration is A4 and will be on sale in my wonkybutton exhibition in a couple of weeks.

this one is of a little boy reaching out for a star.
a day dreamer after my own heart!

yes i know, this was a month or so ago, but give me a break! i have been busy ok and only just got around to blogging it.
lovely review though, and lovely company to be in also.
wish i had time to make a new book…. sigh…. sooon hoon…..

a girl in boat reading a book (book says, “once upon a time a little girl had a big adventure”)

and a big old bear playing a ukelele of course!

July 30th, 2013

artwave postcards

here is a little wave of artwave promotional postcards that i will be distributing in local lovely places (is coffee shops!)

so of course while i am there i will have to drink coffee and eat cake. it would be rude not to.

July 30th, 2013

laser cut framed pictures
these are some framed 5 x 7 inch laser wood cuts that i will be selling at this years lewes artwave 

 this big bird is me…. and i am speaking to my two little baby birds saying “one day you will be bigger than me”

and this is me and my husband thing having a much needed hug after a day of child wrangling.
it is called “just hold me”
again, i have framed them myself… so although not perfect, they will be affordable- which i think is really important actually.

July 30th, 2013

picture framing…. part2

these are a3 giclee digital prints of some bespoke picture book compositions that i will also be selling and exhibiting at this years lewes artwave festival.

July 30th, 2013

picture framing…. part1

so while the baby sleeps i am frantically framing picture for 2013 lewes artwave

these are a4 gilcee digital prints of my bunnyrella series.

hopefully people wont mind the fact i have framed them myself- as it will make them much more affordable.

prints will also be available unframed.

July 22nd, 2013

le troll swap
whoop whoop hark at the french trollswap!
their french names did make me chuckle i have to say…

timothy limpets french name is Hippolyte Patel…
and tabitha lumpits french name is Petula Petal

there is something weirdly satisfying seeing what looks like your own handwriting in a book, with words you have written, in a different language that you cannot speak (i flunked my french a level years ago oops!)

July 22nd, 2013

handmade bear cards

 some handmade cards i will be selling at this years artwave in lewes

these bears have nice sparkly tummies, what is there not to love?!

July 22nd, 2013

more brooches!

gearing up for my wonkybutton open house at the end of august as part of Lewes’ Artwave season

here are more brooches i will be selling (for £6.50)
i do hope people will come. am quite nervous and wonder if anyone will actually come.. what was i thinking?!
there will be nice cakes and bunting and lovely old music playing on the record player.
so if you live nearby or fancy a weekend jaunt to the beautiful town of lewes, please come and visit!

i guess if nobody comes, i can al\ways eat all the cake myself while i am waltzing about like a loon in my front room.

May 31st, 2013

collagey textures

today i have mostly been making nice collagey textures.
i love this bit
so messy
so fun
so immediate!

not saying what it is for though…. ooooh….. the suspense…..

no i am not completely bonkers- i do know it is nearly june!

i’ve had these since before christmas but didn’t have time to make one.
at last i have had time to rustle one up.
this snippysew kit will have 3 in a set (pink, blue and orange) and are about 10cm high and to hang on your tree
(i didn’t have a christmas tree handy this time of year funnily enough)

May 30th, 2013

perspex cloud mobile

here is a sample of my lovely puddle machine (aka cloud) mobile that i might sell at my open house in august. i just need to rebalance the raindrops as they are not pleasing me in this configuration. other than that…. i like it.

May 23rd, 2013

new brooch samples…

a bird, a girl, a peacock and a lion walk into a pub…
… i mean, no, they don’t walk into a pub, they are just new brooch samples.
have been tweaked a little since this stage but thought i would share- cos i am just that kind a gal x

brooches in stiu

May 23rd, 2013

brooches a go go!

four designs…
in four colours….

 add some stampled luggage labels….
put them together and what have you got…

 lovely brooches to sell…
 at artwave and soon to be etsy wonkybutton shop!

May 1st, 2013

wonkybutton broaches

i cannot tell you how excited i am about these!
in fact…. i am going to do a whole line of exclamation marks to celebrate

really pleased that wonderful Boogbag could see beyond the cheeky veneer and  got the essence of my latest book “troll swap”.

have a read of it here

thanks bookbag, was a really considered and thoughtful response to the meaning of the story.
has made my day!


April 30th, 2013

hand illustrated baby cards

yes yes i know, i have made OOOOODLES of baby cards the last couple of years (having babies must be in fashion or something?)

as you might know,i  am doing the lewes artwave open studios this year, and i am making hand made illustrated cards to sell. they do look cute….

here are some quick broach designs i did which i will hopefully make and sell in my etsy wonkybutton shop. they will be made from lasercut perspex. very exciting indeedy oh yes.
i hope you like the detail… particularly the cats bottom (hoping that is not too silly, i would wear it if that counts for anything)

i was off the radar being ill and looking after ill small children when the book came out (boo hoo)
but, it IS out (yey!)
and in case you  have forgotten, it is like wife swap, but with trolls
you can have a look at it here
or here

this is a scan of some origional artwork before it was tweaked and made neat and tidy and acceptable on the poota.

hope you like the book!

at last have packaged up my dolleebee and mister dolleebee snippysew sets.
i am going to be doing the lewes ARTWAVE in august this year where i will be showcasing all my wonkybutton wares and the etsy shop will be open in the autumn yip yip!
in these little stripy bags are the bits of ribbon and elastic that you need to make your dolleebees

April 16th, 2013

bunnies for charity
yes i know i know…. yet more bunnies….. but it has been easter, and i am a sleep deprived mummy of new baby so have to do something that is easy peasy and doesnt use up my limited brain cells.

 anyway, this happens to be for a very good cause for lovely and amazing  emi howe who is raising money for kids cancer charities with her bonkers “The Pants Hat Project” (have a look at her blog HERE!)

i did these illustrations for her to auction at a fund raising event for charity.
so i hope they help raise a bit of money (fingers crossed)

 i smudged a bit on the paper at the last minute…. so as this was REAL LIFE artworjk and i couldnt cheat on the poota, i made the smudge into a feature and added some flutterbys

look, bunnies in pants! (apart from one naughty bunny hee hee!)

 i made this for my lovely new little neice jodi…

i felted the bunny and bits (crotcheted body and beaded eyes)  onto a bit of flat felt…
i embroidered on some detail in the flowers and name…

and i put it in a frame….
hope she likes it!

March 7th, 2013

brazilian goldilocks

what a way for me to celebrate world book day… to be casting my peepers on the fabulous brazilian edition of goldilocks and just the one bear whoop whoop

the third installment of nosy crow doodle chapter book series “magical mix ups”(written by marnie adwards and illustrated by moi)  is called, “Pets and Parties”
this one is a bigger size (although you cannot tell in the photie)
it is a4ish, which is fab as it means there is even more space to colour, design and doodle in
it features girly princess sapphire and her best friend scruffy witch emerald

 it is sapphires birthday and all she really wants is a pet of her own (not a toad like boris though, maybe a nice sweet fluffy one with less warts).

 their adventure in this book takes them to see amazing agathas animals at the theatre.
with acrobatic guinnea pigs, a magic rabbit  and a dancing dog called darren.
if you need to know what happens… you will have to get the book and find out for yourself!

February 19th, 2013

magical mix ups in french!

here are a couple of copies of the french editions of magical mix ups second book
“friends and fashion”
i didn’t even know it had a french co-edition, so was thrilled to recieve this through my letterbox

oooh, i would very much like to go to “L’epicerie magique”
do you think they have one in brighton?

February 19th, 2013

troll swap advance copies!
whoop whoop here they are!
troll swap in hardback and in softyback
troll swap is my latest picture book with nosy crow
will be out in real live actual shops in march i think
100% genuine trolls guaranteed
100% genuine good little boys and girls included

100% good trollish story on lovely woodf ree paper (swoon!)

have a look here on illustrations 365 blog.
so nice to hear about my books weedling their way across the globe into the hands of people who take a shine to them.
makes me feel one lucky lady

thanks kelly, you are a gem

February 14th, 2013

wonkybutton lampshade!

 i found a horrid old lampshade in a charity shop.
horrid fabric that is, but lovely big shape
so promptly bought it
ripped and snipped off the horrid fabric (keeping the fire resistant fabric on)

i chose a couple of my wonkybutton snippysew samples to chop up and use
(the russian dillydollies and some christmas fairy decorations).

 using the horrid fabric panel as a template i chopped up fabric to creat 6 panel peices.

 then sewed it onto the lampshade.

the sewing was a bit frankenstien blue peter at times…. but wno cares!

then i sewed on a nice big trim on the bottom and a nice green and pink ribbon on the top and put it up in our little snug room.

i know i know, if you look closely at the middle picture, there is a little section of trim missing. i guessed, i mean miscalculated how much trim i needed… so need to go back for a little bit more and sew it on to finish it off good and proper.

but i love it! looks nice and homely and old fashioned, but with a wonkybutton twist.

very easy peesy, and very satisfying.

have a read of this nice review of dear boris from the states by penny klostermann on her book blog here
This book was my 2nd published picture book published by orchard….by the way boris is colin in the uk just to confuse everyone!

such lovely other comments by her blog readers too.
really means alot to me
thanks penny! x

January 23rd, 2013

mr hooty tooty doorstop
here is the protostype of mr hooty toot
a snippysew kit that i will be selling in my wonkybutton etsy shop later in the year
he is full of 2.5kg of rice!
i like his shape- but am going to ammend colours and textures and pattern somewhat
and plan to add a sew on beak and add some teddybear style glass eyes for a nice detail…


January 22nd, 2013

mudpuppy finger puppet robots!
a while back i illustrated 5 robots for mudpuppy to add to their cool cardboard finger puppet range.
i recieved some in the post the other day and here they are!

i am really pleased with the way they have turned out.
(although eebee wanted to know why i did silly robots and not princesses)
a quick road test…. dah dah!

on their website they appear to have made a typo as i am not credited as illustrator…. am going to email them pronto to rectify that though. i did draw them, honest!

January 17th, 2013

needle felted bird mobile

here is my first attempt of needle felting (with some stuff i got for christmas).
is quite fun and dangerous (i was a bit of a human voodoo doll with all that pricking of fingers)
here is the finished mobile about to go up up up in eebees bedroom.
i need to find my pipe cleaners, then i plan to make something bigger and more adventurous…

January 9th, 2013

kitty lamp

nothing to do with anything really, except that i bought this wonderful cat lamp in brighton at the weekend and every time we put it on we all feel very happy…. is that silly?
(please don’t answer that question)

January 4th, 2013

new baby quilt

remember a while back i posted up a design i did for a quilt for the new baby?

well my clever clogs mum made it into a real life actual thing and gave it to me for christmas.
it is very beautiful, i am sure the new baby will love it.

thanks mum!

January 2nd, 2013

magical mix up masterclass!
what treasure i recieved in the post just before christmas….. a well loved, thumb eared, deliciously doodled in Magical Mix up book, brimming with fantastic ideas, colour and drawing.
The book is now in glorious technicolour which would make any beautiful rainbow feel jealous!
What a lovely thing indeed- thank you 7 year old Leni for letting your mum send it to share with me. I love it and think you have done a truely wonderful job… a bit too good in fact- as i think i should retire and you should take over! you have made the book into a real work of art. A big fat well done to you!
Here are a few of the pages scanned in for you all to see….
i particularly like the filled in bakery menu items- everything in it looks yummy…

…and the princess sneezebelles family portraits are brilliant

Wowzers…. keep up the good work Leni!

ps, i will be returning the book back to Leni tomorrow as it needs to be back with its’ creator and her very proud mum. So much time and effort has gone into adding loads of funny details and added extra bits to make the book and story even better… i couldn;t possible keep it (even though i secretly want to!)

one by wonderful american librarian on Librarians Quest blog
read it here.

aw, such nice comments make me smile in my tummy and go whoop whoop in my brain, i do believe that this has made my year so far!

also, i meant to mention this nice review from Read it daddy blog back in october 2012, but must have got waylaid with domesticity and tantrums and being a grown up or something.
better late than never….read it here.
just a little heartfelt thank you for all the people who like and review my stuff- it really does mean a lot to me just to know that i am not loopy (or maybe that i am loopy, but that is actually ok and appreciated!)

December 20th, 2012

merry christmas angels!

happy christmas everyone.

i do hope you all have magical festivities and a great creative 2013…. i hope all your dreams come true (just the nice fluffy ones of course).

if you fancy getting crafty and making some paper angels like these for yourself, then print out my template and decorate. it is easy peesy…. even i can do it.

if you do make some, do let me know, i would love to see them!

they look really sweet on christmas trees.

every year i do a new one for the children in our family, which means our angel troupe will get bigger and bigger and in the future make the tree bulge and bow.

fa la la la la from me x

how very nice!

Leigh Hodgkinson’s Goldilocks and Just the One Bear (Nosy Crow, £10.99) is a satirical re-writing of a favourite story. This time it is the bear who invades the home: a posh apartment owned by Goldilocks, now a fashionable wife and mum. Leigh Hodgkinson’s bright and stylish illustrations go happily over the top.

“happily over the top,” is that a good thing.. gulpo

if you don’ believe me (shame on you!) have a looky here

December 12th, 2012

shhhh… secret penguins!

can’t say tooo much about this as it is supposed to be a seeeeecret so keep your beak SHUT!

December 9th, 2012

booksniffers pick of 2012

thanks to the lovely sniffing pug for including my “goldilocks and just the one bear” in your sooperdooper list of fab childrens books of 2012.

this news has made me oh so pleased that i might just reward myself with a biscuit (not a doggy one mind).

see the whole list here.

i am pleased to say i own about 90% of them (and the rest are on my christmas list!)

December 9th, 2012

wonkybutton postcards yey!

….at last, and this time the reverse is printed the right way up (i know this is wonkybutton, but i didn’t want anything THAT wonky).

also have my business cards…. but for someone who sits in a shed all day and hangs out with 2 year olds, i am not sure when i will ever get the chance to use them ha ha!

not sure when i will be able to get my etsy shop live though, as go onto maternity leave in a couple of weeks (eek)

 was smashing to see them all up together.
this was the childrens illustration section

me with illustrator extraordinnaire and all round good egg mister steve lenton
his canvas is the scottie bagpipe blower on a pale green background (the scotties hat even has a little pompom ontop!)

here is me grinning and generally being embarrassed at meeting one of my heros reece shearsmith.
his canvas is brilliantly creepy and not at all suitable for a small childs room (i am tempted though!)

what a great night, and a great cause… made me feel very proud to be a small part of it.

thank you callum, you made my day when i recieved your lovely letter yesterday.
it made me grin, especially your brilliant picture of a sort of bear/troll with pointy teeth.
in answer to your questions…
i wrote the book as the idea pinged into my head and i couldn’t sleep untill i had written it.
i was interested in the idea of goldilocks and the little bear meeting each other again when they were all groan up.
and it took me a day or two to actually write, about 3 months to illustrate, and from the initial idea to the book being published was a ridiculously whopping 3ish years!
i am so glad you liked my book callum

November 23rd, 2012

"bear with me" sketch book ctd
here is the magic travelling book getting packed up and ready to go to chris haughton

in an envelope that will be most likely getting tattier and busier as time goes on.

you only have  9 days and 6 hours to bid on your favourite “stars on canvas” canvas (all for a good charity)
all artwork is up on ebay, including yours truelys! we have the private view next week which should be fun.

November 23rd, 2012

"bear with me" ctd….
here are some more photos of my “bear with me” artwork
here is my red bear enjoying a cup of tea in my garden shed

the waves and the bear have been stuck on (eat your heart out blue peter!)
this is the only way to do your boring domestic chores….
snippy hand lettering to balancing precariously.
to look at photos of the red bear in the travelling sketchbooks journey so far, do look here

i am involved in such a magical project set up by fellow illustrator jason ruddy called “Bear with me”.

30 amazing illustrators are involved and have a week each to draw a double page spread in the sketch book before they have to send it on to the next illustrator.

the book has a red bear character in, and it is fascinating to watch how his story unfolds.
at the end of the book/project, the book will be auctioned for the very good cause of Great Ormond street hospital.

i am the fourth illustrator to have the book. it was rather scary and daunting to see the real artwork of those superstars before me (catherine rayner, emma chichester clark,and sarah warburton)- so i have given it my best shot and will shortly be posting the book on to the fab chris haughton for him to do his thing.

 i can’t give toooo much away at the moment, but here are a few little snippity snap shots of my work in progress. will add more later! But do keep checking in with the project (via facebook and twitter) to see how it grows and develops.

pencil drawing of the bear
inky bear and tea flask

collage waves for a nice choppy sea

orangey and pinky papers and textures to make into butterflies and kite bows
slap a bit of tissue paper on with glue to get rid of scary white clean piece of paper, then paint a huge moon on it
sew a line for the kite tail

i wish i could keep the book or afford to buy it. it really is going to be something very special indeed by the end of it!

my little eebee girl was intrigued by the book and quite disappointed that i wouldn’t let her do a page, so here is her own! i think i will post it on as an extra… what do you think?!


have a look at the willow foundations stars on canvas website
you can bid and buy a real live artist/celebratories artwork!
mine is up there, but it looks a bit too shiny for my liking- think they must have used the flash
it looks nicer in the flesh… i promise!
i think the bidding on ebay for each artwork starts towards the end of november- might be good for a christmas pressent hee hee?
there are lots of fab childrens illustrators there so do have a look

November 7th, 2012

wonkybutton shares the love!

this was meant to come back from the printers as a nice promo postcard to give to nice folk.
but the stupid printers printed the wrong thing (they printed my business card all big and postcardish)
so this postcard will have to wait a jiffy and be patient
the image makes me smile though so i wanted to share it

at least i will have huge big business cards now to give out to people for their handy huge postcard size wallets that they all carry around with them.

here are the instruction posty cards for dolleebee and mister dolleebee (part time ragdolls/royalty/superheros)
and some other promo stuff including business cards
ha ha, me having a business card and pretending to be an almost grown up business person- how funny
i find the whole business card thing alot more exciting than i probably should

November 7th, 2012

snippysews- ready to go

here are some of my fabric snippysew Mcbabbys all packaged up and ready to go!
each snippysew set comes with an instruction postcard with a lovely shiny image of what it will look like on the front! I like the McBabbys as they come with a squeaker and a bell to put inside

here are some photos of my bunnyrella series (one is missing as i gave it away and forgot to take a photo of it oops!)
i will be selling them in my etsy wonkybutton shop soooon(ish!).
in the meantime i will be testing the water with them up at the zero2illo live illustration conference that i am going to (and speaking at gulp) on saturday in nottingham.

October 11th, 2012

a nice picture of some buttons

one of my many boxes of buttons that i was a rummaging through earlier.
i love a good button rummage.

October 11th, 2012

Troll Swap proofy proofs!
so through the post today i received my troll swap proofs!
sooo exciting!
this is my first book using woodfree paper, which is nice and thick and rough.
Pleased with the matt lamination on the front cover
this book is like wife swap- but with a troll and a little girl instead.

 this is timothy limpet (a rubbish troll)

and this is tabitha lumpit (a not very good at being good little girl)

the book needs a couple of teeny tweaks and will be out next year.

long live troll!

October 10th, 2012

new baby quilt design
my clever mum is going to make me another baby quilt…
here is my scribbly drawing that i based it on

and here is the quilt design… i think it is nice to have a happy scene with rain.
i love rain
so do ducks
so do children with wellies

i will blog when my clever mum has made the quilt… watch this space!.

my clever mummy is going to knit my little person a jumper
i have designed this to feature on it
i wouldn’t mind one myself
my drawing and notes

with grid so to be able to convert into knitted stiches (like magic)

a colour reference.
will blog with photos at a later date when the knitting has been knat