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April 16th, 2013

bunnies for charity
yes i know i know…. yet more bunnies….. but it has been easter, and i am a sleep deprived mummy of new baby so have to do something that is easy peasy and doesnt use up my limited brain cells.

 anyway, this happens to be for a very good cause for lovely and amazing  emi howe who is raising money for kids cancer charities with her bonkers “The Pants Hat Project” (have a look at her blog HERE!)

i did these illustrations for her to auction at a fund raising event for charity.
so i hope they help raise a bit of money (fingers crossed)

 i smudged a bit on the paper at the last minute…. so as this was REAL LIFE artworjk and i couldnt cheat on the poota, i made the smudge into a feature and added some flutterbys

look, bunnies in pants! (apart from one naughty bunny hee hee!)

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