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August 20th, 2013

Hairy Troll glove puppets


here are the blank glove puppets i have made in preperation for a couple of lovely book events… 

including  lewes bag of books summer party this saturday.

i will be at the buttercup cafe at 10.30 reading troll swap and helping children create their own hairy troll glove puppets

i will have pom poms, sequins and glue at the ready!


(yes yes i know, i am doing artwave that day also…. so the fact is i am a bit scatty at the moment and got all the dates jumbled in my head…. but will  be racing back home after the event where my husband will be manning the fort)


my daughter and i tested them out to see if they would work….


… and dah dah… here are the results!

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