I have created a set of 6 original illustrations which are being auctioned online here.

100% of the earnings will go to war child  charity and the much needed valuable work that they do in these very troubled times.

If people like my work please please bid and buy one… get something nice and do something good.

I wanted to do this, as like most of us i felt useless and overwhelmed by all of the worlds news, especially the current desperate plight of the Syrian refugees and all of the families and children caught up in war and conflict that is nothing to do with them.

I know this is a small gesture. But doing something is surely better than doing nothing.

I am generally quite useless, but i can draw and make things.

So that is what i have done.

I wanted to make something positive, something happy, something hopeful, about children, about children being allowed to be children.

The set of illustrations are called “Love, Dream and Grow Child”. As every child deserves and should have the opportunity to do just that

All the stuff growing out of the children’s heads represents these important and very human things…. the hearts to love, the stars to dream… and the flowers to grow and learn. All these are important qualities to cherish before a child grows up and goes out in to the big wide world to make their way as compassionate, open and loving human beings.


ps as a rule i feel intrinsically awkward and at odds with pushing my work and doing social media self promotion. I don’t feel comfortable with it and it feels all icky and show offy…. so i hope that people realise why i am doing this and don’t get irritated with all the tweets etc that i will do to promote this cause. I am hoping to get over my awkwardness and raise some money to do some good to help some children. Children who don’t have the carefree happy childhood that i was lucky enough to have.

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