i have been reupholstering an old chair we had.

inspired by a lovely heavy orange felt blanket i bought from a charity shop.

i have a very make-it-up-as-you-go-along approach to craft and just jump in without really worrying about it.

everything is a kind of experinent.

that is all part of the fun.


i sewed on a piece for the back (using a needle i had bent to make it easier)



i sewed on the base and used a different fabric for the arm (just to make it feel more contemporary and interesting)

then added the front arm piece.



oops. shouldnt have sewn on the back piece first!

so undid it and sewed through the dimples. (again, using the second fabric to add interest).



this was the most satisfying bit…. adding the buttons!



after the chair was covered- i added some bobbly trim which makes it look really smart.

before…. no one wanted to sit in this chair and it looked really sad.

now it is like a people magnet…. especially little people, as it is bright and fun and just the right height.

easy peesy!

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