yesterday was a fun day out.

we went to booktrusts Roald Dahl funny prize awards in the magical Cambridge theatre (on matildas day off!)

was lovely sitting at the front. (we could never afford those seats if it was the real actual show)




mr superstar michael rosen did the speaky bits.

i love him, i found myself staring at him and smiling… i could watch him all day.

he just exudes warmth and fun like it is going out of fashion (which it is not by the way)


big fat hairy unforch, my book troll swap book didnt win. ah well

congratulations to simon rickerty with his book “monkey nut” which scooped the prize

also to jim smith in the 7-14 catagory for his book “i am still not a loser” (which as it turns out was very apt as he wasn’t a loser)

read more about it all on booktrusts webbysite



here is me getting a sit down (which i like to do when ever possible as i am really old)

was a fab day…. got to hang out with my uberdoober publisher Nosy Crow

and meet the wondrous sarah mcintyre (complete with teetery blue wig)

lovely too to meet fellow authors and illopeeps elys dolen , amy sparkes, sara ogilvie (whose illustrations i adore so very exciting), philip reeve , philip ardagh (plus his famous beard) and axel scheffler

what a day!

shame i was so blurry and zombified from not sleeping yet again due to little puky hot baby wriggling like an octopus in the night.

thanks booktrust for letting me be part of it all




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