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new bear new bear! ukelele bear was sold in the first week, so here is piano bear.

i think they are in a bear band


one last day of 2013 artwave

have more yummy cakes, including my personal favourite, date and walnut cake nom nom

eebee made some decorative paper collage cakes behind (which are not for sale!)

nearly 11am… nearly time to open doors

bah, oh drats, it is raining, and the path has flooded…. let us hope it doesn't stop people stopping by…wb_250

…for marshmallow rocky road, oat and raisin chocolate cookies, banana bread or lemon loaf…


here we are, the worker bees


snippysews smiling and waiting for their new homes


unframed prints, silver jewellery and badges, there has to be badges


shelves all dressed and neat and tidy


books waiting to be signed and read


silly old rain rain go away, come back another day.

now to sit down and listen to the singing detective sound track and try and resist eating all the cake!


… and before you ask, no the rob ryan vase and the clock are not for sale…. models own hee hee!




i was going to frame them.


but actually they look so lovely in the window


i am so thrilled and proud that my everso clever mum is exhibiting and selling her wonderful jewellery at my artwave pop up wonkybutton shop!


i just love these lamp glass chunky beads she makes


and she has made oodles of bright glass letters to for bespoke name mobiles


a couple of framed pictures to be sold at artwave

i wanted to do a series of annoying childrens phrases…. but have only gotten around to these two.

more to follow hopefully!


making my wonkybutton shop sign out of felt

snip snip snip!


another origional pen and ink drawing for artwave
i think maybe that the little bird is in love with the big monster.

this framed illustration is A4 and will be on sale in my wonkybutton exhibition in a couple of weeks.

a girl in boat reading a book (book says, “once upon a time a little girl had a big adventure”)

and a big old bear playing a ukelele of course!

here is a little wave of artwave promotional postcards that i will be distributing in local lovely places (is coffee shops!)

so of course while i am there i will have to drink coffee and eat cake. it would be rude not to.

these are some framed 5 x 7 inch laser wood cuts that i will be selling at this years lewes artwave 

 this big bird is me…. and i am speaking to my two little baby birds saying “one day you will be bigger than me”

and this is me and my husband thing having a much needed hug after a day of child wrangling.
it is called “just hold me”
again, i have framed them myself… so although not perfect, they will be affordable- which i think is really important actually.

so while the baby sleeps i am frantically framing picture for 2013 lewes artwave

these are a4 gilcee digital prints of my bunnyrella series.

hopefully people wont mind the fact i have framed them myself- as it will make them much more affordable.

prints will also be available unframed.

 some handmade cards i will be selling at this years artwave in lewes

these bears have nice sparkly tummies, what is there not to love?!

gearing up for my wonkybutton open house at the end of august as part of Lewes’ Artwave season

here are more brooches i will be selling (for £6.50)
i do hope people will come. am quite nervous and wonder if anyone will actually come.. what was i thinking?!
there will be nice cakes and bunting and lovely old music playing on the record player.
so if you live nearby or fancy a weekend jaunt to the beautiful town of lewes, please come and visit!

i guess if nobody comes, i can al\ways eat all the cake myself while i am waltzing about like a loon in my front room.

a bird, a girl, a peacock and a lion walk into a pub…
… i mean, no, they don’t walk into a pub, they are just new brooch samples.
have been tweaked a little since this stage but thought i would share- cos i am just that kind a gal x

brooches in stiu

i cannot tell you how excited i am about these!
in fact…. i am going to do a whole line of exclamation marks to celebrate