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 i made this for my lovely new little neice jodi…

i felted the bunny and bits (crotcheted body and beaded eyes)  onto a bit of flat felt…
i embroidered on some detail in the flowers and name…

and i put it in a frame….
hope she likes it!

remember a while back i posted up a design i did for a quilt for the new baby?

well my clever clogs mum made it into a real life actual thing and gave it to me for christmas.
it is very beautiful, i am sure the new baby will love it.

thanks mum!

is it possible to have a clinical addiction to googly eyes?
i hope it is legal.
so, welcome to the world little rita and little scott.
and a thank you card for a kindly rachel who has given me oodles of tiny baby boy clothes (for our new addition in january)
for scott i made a framed star catching lion picture also. so glad it didn’t get squish squashed in the post.

card for baby eva.
lovely that she is called eva as eva was her mums maiden name.
hope we get to meet her before she is all growed up
(ps eva isn’t really a bunny, she is a human girl as it happens)

cards for two new shiny little baby girls….

a lovely shiny new baby is in the world!…
hurrah for samuel!
here is a little present for him… i hope he like it.
i chose to do a froggy as his mummy and daddy like swimming and diving.
(splishy splashy)

sorry i have been all shush shush quiet of late.
i have met lots of new babies who have appeared into the world.
i made them all a simple card.
i hope they liked them.