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i cannot tell you how excited i am about these!
in fact…. i am going to do a whole line of exclamation marks to celebrate

here are some quick broach designs i did which i will hopefully make and sell in my etsy wonkybutton shop. they will be made from lasercut perspex. very exciting indeedy oh yes.
i hope you like the detail… particularly the cats bottom (hoping that is not too silly, i would wear it if that counts for anything)

 i made this for my lovely new little neice jodi…

i felted the bunny and bits (crotcheted body and beaded eyes)  onto a bit of flat felt…
i embroidered on some detail in the flowers and name…

and i put it in a frame….
hope she likes it!

hey there yooall,

i managed a small slice of time to rustle up a couple of fine McBabbys.

again, there will be a few tweaks. but think these will  be fun as one has a squeaker in, (Squeaky McBabby) and one had a bell in (Dingaling McBabby).

Cut out all the pieces keeping neatly to the outside cutting line.
Make 2 piles (one for Squeaky McBabby,and another for Dingaling McBabby)and follow the instructions below for each one in turn.

Pair up the matching pieces so that you have 2 legs (the longer pieces) and 2 arms (the shorter pieces). Pin with the printed side facing inwards.

Sew around the edge keeping to the printed line (you can see this through the fabric). Make sure you don’t sew the flat edge at the top of each arm/leg. (You will need to leave this open to be able to turn it inside out and stuff later). 
Carefully make little snips up to the seam around the curved edges of each limb(making sure not to cut into the seam). This will give a better seam finish when you turn it the right way).

Turn both arms and both legs inside out (so now the printed side is on the outside).
Stuff both arms and both legs (making sure not to overfill as  will need some space to be able sew onto the body later).

Carefully place one of the stuffed arms inside the pinned body with its unsewn edge visable outside the hemline of the body pieces (angling arm down slightly so that it hangs better).  Then sew down one side of the body from neck to bottom corner.
Carefully do the same for the second arm. 
Place both legs inside the body with their unsewn edge poking out the bottom of the body piece. (This is a little fiddly as the body gets a bit full at this stage) Then slowly sew both legs into position in the body.
Continue sewing around the rest of the McBabbys head- making sure to leave about 8cm unsewn at one side of the head.
(oops sorry i forgot to take photos of 9,10 and 11… my naughtey 2 year old dropped my camera and the one i borrowed is way to fancypants complicated!)

Turn the McBabby the right way around and stuff the head and body. (For Squeaky McBabby add the squeaker at this point, for Dingaling McBabby add the bell).
Hand sew up the opening.

Dah dah!

ps my eebee calls all rabbits “Babbys, so that is why the name in case you are wondering!