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i cannot tell you how excited i am about these!
in fact…. i am going to do a whole line of exclamation marks to celebrate

here are some quick broach designs i did which i will hopefully make and sell in my etsy wonkybutton shop. they will be made from lasercut perspex. very exciting indeedy oh yes.
i hope you like the detail… particularly the cats bottom (hoping that is not too silly, i would wear it if that counts for anything)

have a read of this nice review of dear boris from the states by penny klostermann on her book blog here
This book was my 2nd published picture book published by orchard….by the way boris is colin in the uk just to confuse everyone!

such lovely other comments by her blog readers too.
really means alot to me
thanks penny! x

nothing to do with anything really, except that i bought this wonderful cat lamp in brighton at the weekend and every time we put it on we all feel very happy…. is that silly?
(please don’t answer that question)

i want one please.
this one will be asleep on a teetering pile of cushion in the book i am making at the moment.
i always draw siamese cats as when they are in books they are always mean and snooty and that just isn’t fair. Siamese cats are very lovely thank you very much.

oodles more crafty keepables from my wonkybutton website. it is good to know that both Colin and Vernon have got the correct shadows.