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the new batch!

i made them as hanging christmas decorations also. above is a photo of the tree decoration. (the deer one sold out at the lovely samantha stas pop up christmas shop on sunday)


here are the new christmas jars….. the deer is in red…


and the tree is in green.

the jars are slightly different also, but i really like the straight simplicity of the shape actually.


i also have more of them as cake toppers/table decorations which are the same as before.




i completely sold out of my deer/tree christmas jars and little trinkets so have got more on there way this week.

the trinkets were all supposed to be made into snow globes… but they looked so sweet and pretty i left some as they were and they were shnaffled up pronto. they can be used as funky christmas cake toppers or table decorations.

the christmas jars were intended to be snow globes. but i got scared of the responsibity of it all… what if the liquid leaked… what if the glue wasn’t water proof…. what if the distilled water and glycerin mix went all algaefied. i just couldn’t live with myself! so these christmas jars were the answer. they look lovely anf festive with the glittery paper backdrop and would look magical on any mantelpiece.

i am also making them up as hanging tree decoations. so watch this space!

no i am not completely bonkers- i do know it is nearly june!

i’ve had these since before christmas but didn’t have time to make one.
at last i have had time to rustle one up.
this snippysew kit will have 3 in a set (pink, blue and orange) and are about 10cm high and to hang on your tree
(i didn’t have a christmas tree handy this time of year funnily enough)