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we have a draughty under door and winter is creeping in… so i made this sausage doggy to exclude giraffes


here is his head…



here is his bum…


it was hard to get him all in the photo

(note the wooden cat looking at him suspiciously through the window)




he has a big packet of rice in him to make him nice heavy.

my daughter tries to ride him like a race horse

very funny


here are the blank glove puppets i have made in preperation for a couple of lovely book events… 

including  lewes bag of books summer party this saturday.

i will be at the buttercup cafe at 10.30 reading troll swap and helping children create their own hairy troll glove puppets

i will have pom poms, sequins and glue at the ready!


(yes yes i know, i am doing artwave that day also…. so the fact is i am a bit scatty at the moment and got all the dates jumbled in my head…. but will  be racing back home after the event where my husband will be manning the fort)


my daughter and i tested them out to see if they would work….


… and dah dah… here are the results!

 i found a horrid old lampshade in a charity shop.
horrid fabric that is, but lovely big shape
so promptly bought it
ripped and snipped off the horrid fabric (keeping the fire resistant fabric on)

i chose a couple of my wonkybutton snippysew samples to chop up and use
(the russian dillydollies and some christmas fairy decorations).

 using the horrid fabric panel as a template i chopped up fabric to creat 6 panel peices.

 then sewed it onto the lampshade.

the sewing was a bit frankenstien blue peter at times…. but wno cares!

then i sewed on a nice big trim on the bottom and a nice green and pink ribbon on the top and put it up in our little snug room.

i know i know, if you look closely at the middle picture, there is a little section of trim missing. i guessed, i mean miscalculated how much trim i needed… so need to go back for a little bit more and sew it on to finish it off good and proper.

but i love it! looks nice and homely and old fashioned, but with a wonkybutton twist.

very easy peesy, and very satisfying.

happy christmas everyone.

i do hope you all have magical festivities and a great creative 2013…. i hope all your dreams come true (just the nice fluffy ones of course).

if you fancy getting crafty and making some paper angels like these for yourself, then print out my template and decorate. it is easy peesy…. even i can do it.

if you do make some, do let me know, i would love to see them!

they look really sweet on christmas trees.

every year i do a new one for the children in our family, which means our angel troupe will get bigger and bigger and in the future make the tree bulge and bow.

fa la la la la from me x

if you would like to make a collage goldilocks or bear for yourself (like the children in the blog post below did) then you can!
it is as easy as pie… (or porridge)

 here is what you do…..

–           Print out a goldilocks, or a bear (or both if you are greedy like me)

–           Get a blank piece of paper or card and make either an interesting scribbly furry bear texture, or a nice pattered skirt collage for goldilocks.
–           Get somebody to help you cut out the grey area of your goldilocks/bear.

–           Then stick your special textures and patterns that you have made behind your goldilocks/bear.

–           Use cut up bits of material/paper to add nice details to your picture (bear scarf/ goldilocks body)

–           use pencils/crayons/pens to colour in and finish off

–           make a nice bear snout and stick on some googly eyes for your bear

–           draw or collage big golden hair and stick on googly eyes if you like for your goldilocks

and da-daH! there you have it!

last week i travelled up to frodsham near liverpool for their first ever literary festival “WeaverWords” where i did a “Goldilocks and just the one bear” event.
it was very noisy and fun.
i read some stories, did some very bad upside down drawing and talked about how i make pictures.
i was amazed at the really beautiful collages that the children made…

 I have never seen a bunch of such glamorous goldilockses (or is the collective noun for that “goldili”?). i loved their beautiful skirts and was quite jealous that i don’t own any skirts so lovely. I think perhaps we have some inventive fashion designers of the future in our midst!

And what a gaggle of handsome bears. Any doctor Who would be proud to sport a scarf like that i am sure!

what a very wonderful group of children in Frodsham… and parents!
Thanks to all who came and made it so fun.

i know this isn’t strictly booky stuff… but it is creative.
a little house for a little girl.

material to be used for the house (i am a sucker for all things spotty and gingham)

peices cut out of plyboard and assembled in garden

matieral cut and hand sewn onto the wooden panels

the back panel is a black board.
so it was painted then road tested by a little girl

the finished article complete with curtains and roof!

so my clever mum made me this HUGE bunny for christmas.
i just LOVE her (the bunny and my mummy!)

ho ho ho happy christmas everybody!

what every christmas tree needs is a little angel
lucky for you there is an easy peesy one here
to make
just cut out and assembly. no glue needed
. (sticky finger free crafts are the way forward)

hope all your chrsitmas dreams come true (except the one about the scarey santa)

larry (the show off)

bunnies (side kicks)

trees (props)

ooh what a lame blogger i am.
i blame it on the babay… sigh… yawn…
here are photos of some Limelight Larry crafts.
am pleased with the bunnies, but think larry is a bit fiddly and not so graphic and simple (that’s peacocks for you i suppose).

Publish Post

will upload the cutout craftables for anybody and everybody to make in a day or two…

i have made some crafty cutouts in preperation for my SMILE! event at the Polka Dot theatre in a few weeks.

leighs polka dot theatre event

my, haven’t they shrunked?
they were smaller than i thought, so i had to add buttons and beads (always a wise decision)

here are some shrinkydink broaches i am making.
mmmn….. shrinkydinks
this is before the melty shrinky ovenbake….

look at this lovely stripy colin that Poppy Hodgson made.
it’s a good look i think.

oodles more crafty keepables from my wonkybutton website. it is good to know that both Colin and Vernon have got the correct shadows.