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… and before you ask, no the rob ryan vase and the clock are not for sale…. models own hee hee!



at last have packaged up my dolleebee and mister dolleebee snippysew sets.
i am going to be doing the lewes ARTWAVE in august this year where i will be showcasing all my wonkybutton wares and the etsy shop will be open in the autumn yip yip!
in these little stripy bags are the bits of ribbon and elastic that you need to make your dolleebees

….at last, and this time the reverse is printed the right way up (i know this is wonkybutton, but i didn’t want anything THAT wonky).

also have my business cards…. but for someone who sits in a shed all day and hangs out with 2 year olds, i am not sure when i will ever get the chance to use them ha ha!

not sure when i will be able to get my etsy shop live though, as go onto maternity leave in a couple of weeks (eek)

here are the instruction posty cards for dolleebee and mister dolleebee (part time ragdolls/royalty/superheros)
and some other promo stuff including business cards
ha ha, me having a business card and pretending to be an almost grown up business person- how funny
i find the whole business card thing alot more exciting than i probably should

here is mister dolleebee in his superhero outfit

 and here he is in his evening wear.
note the superhero cape is turned around and used to make his smart bowtie front.
also note that the masked eyes peek in a different direction!

i wasn’t quite happy with his belly ballooning pantaloons so have modified the design.
i guess this is one reason why it is taking me ages to refine and get right my wonkybutton etsy shop products.
(that and the fact that i am really busy with my books… all good but i wish i had some ompalumpas)
nearly there though- hope it will be worth it!

and here is misterdolleebee with dolleebee in the rocking chair.
i think you will agree that they sure make a swell couple.

oops, forgot to put this up yesterday.

was hard to take a good shot as weather grotty and grey and flappy.

thanks for all nice comments…much appreciated all

this is my prototype dolleebee (part time superhero, part time groovy ragdoll)
i have made a few tweaks to this sample version (as spindly legs and arms a bit tricky and head a bit topheavy).
but all in all i love her and she makes me smile.
she will be a wonkybutton snippysew available in my soon to be etsy shop (will keep you posted).