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ooh lovely, have a look at cupcakesforclara lauras blog post about her top 10 childrens books. she was guest blogging for spooky sisters. caryl hart and i are lucky to be featured amongst very wonderful company with our chips book. thank you laura!

So, caryl hart and i were up in sunny rotherham last week for their childrens book awards.
it was a busy jam packed day of children, felt cupcakes, children, snakes, pies, children, authors, illustrators, craft activities, children , balloon modelling, children and awards!

we got to hang out with the lovely C B Lindsay (author of “Who Ate All the Pies”) and Ally Kennon (author of “Sparks”) and winner of the key stage 1/2 catagory Pete Johnson (author of ” Spook School: Horror From the Deep

we were up for best picture book with “Don’t Dip Your Chips In Your Drink Kate” against stiff competition (Julia Donaldsons “What the Ladybird Heard” illustrated by the marvellous Lydia Monks and Judith Kerrs “One Night At the Zoo”) so were not expecting anything. But you ‘ll NEVER guess what… we won!

here is the nice shiny trophy i did get.

thanks children of rotherham… and thanks to all at the book awards!

when i was rummaging through my tardis hard drive i found this old design of kate.
cant imagine this being kate anymore.
i quite like her though… whoever she is

Whoop whoop!
Don’t Dip your Chips in your Drink Kate got Highly commended for the Picture Book catagory and the Community Library award!

here is a shakey movie of what the kids had to say about it….
(I wish i wasn’t a sensitive little artist about the fact that the favourite page was one with hardly any illustration!)

piccy of Caryl Hart and me with important people (the one with the nice bit of bling is the Mayor of Sheffield i think!)

and of all the shortlisty people!
inc “Morris the Mankiest monster” illustrator
Sarah McIntyre
,“The Great Dog Bottom Swap” by Peter Bently and Mei Matsuoka and “Dear Miss” author and illustrator Amy Husband.
Well done to all… was so amazing to be amongst such a talented gaggle of authors and illustrators.

Caryl and I scoffing paper cakes after a busy crafty work shop in the Winter Gardens (brrrr)

mmmn.. a nice cup of tea to boo

yippee! and look at the lovely fun activity printables that my publisher Orchard have magically conjured up.

It is a full page ad in Japanese magazine called Kinokuniya
and was produced on behalf of Orchards special sales team.
Thanks special sales team for using my cover illustration from picture book “Don’t Dip your chips in your Drink Kate!”

Everyone who went to the launch got to gobble up one of these yummy looking cakes.
mmnn…. why didn’t I go again? what a fool.
one of those cakes had my name on it I am sure.

here is Caryl Hart (the author of the book) reading the book.

this HUGE poster with fabulous colour in cakes that the children at the launch made is now on display in the Sheffield Library.

You can see more photos of the party and other fun bits and bobs on Caryls blog

crumbs…. what good company I am with-
I had better behave myself