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thanks to nosy crow for doing such a great job in getting these lovely doodle titles out in the big wide world!

the third installment of nosy crow doodle chapter book series “magical mix ups”(written by marnie adwards and illustrated by moi)  is called, “Pets and Parties”
this one is a bigger size (although you cannot tell in the photie)
it is a4ish, which is fab as it means there is even more space to colour, design and doodle in
it features girly princess sapphire and her best friend scruffy witch emerald

 it is sapphires birthday and all she really wants is a pet of her own (not a toad like boris though, maybe a nice sweet fluffy one with less warts).

 their adventure in this book takes them to see amazing agathas animals at the theatre.
with acrobatic guinnea pigs, a magic rabbit  and a dancing dog called darren.
if you need to know what happens… you will have to get the book and find out for yourself!

whoop whoop here they are!
troll swap in hardback and in softyback
troll swap is my latest picture book with nosy crow
will be out in real live actual shops in march i think
100% genuine trolls guaranteed
100% genuine good little boys and girls included

100% good trollish story on lovely woodf ree paper (swoon!)
what treasure i recieved in the post just before christmas….. a well loved, thumb eared, deliciously doodled in Magical Mix up book, brimming with fantastic ideas, colour and drawing.
The book is now in glorious technicolour which would make any beautiful rainbow feel jealous!
What a lovely thing indeed- thank you 7 year old Leni for letting your mum send it to share with me. I love it and think you have done a truely wonderful job… a bit too good in fact- as i think i should retire and you should take over! you have made the book into a real work of art. A big fat well done to you!
Here are a few of the pages scanned in for you all to see….
i particularly like the filled in bakery menu items- everything in it looks yummy…

…and the princess sneezebelles family portraits are brilliant

Wowzers…. keep up the good work Leni!

ps, i will be returning the book back to Leni tomorrow as it needs to be back with its’ creator and her very proud mum. So much time and effort has gone into adding loads of funny details and added extra bits to make the book and story even better… i couldn;t possible keep it (even though i secretly want to!)

so through the post today i received my troll swap proofs!
sooo exciting!
this is my first book using woodfree paper, which is nice and thick and rough.
Pleased with the matt lamination on the front cover
this book is like wife swap- but with a troll and a little girl instead.

 this is timothy limpet (a rubbish troll)

and this is tabitha lumpit (a not very good at being good little girl)

the book needs a couple of teeny tweaks and will be out next year.

long live troll!

here is the troll swap dummy book with a dazzling selection of other nosy crow picture books that are at the frankfurt book fair.

even though i havent seen these dummy books in the flesh (boo hoo) i think they all look real corkers, lets hope all the folk at the fair do.

am nearly finished the 3rd magical mix ups book – pets and parties (by marnie edwards, published by nosy crow)
here is a scruffy pile of inky artwork on the floor
i hate drawing things twice- so praise be to working part digitally so you can smarted things up and tweak till everything looks acceptable.

right you lot- when you have finished scoffing your breakfast why not have a look here on the fab “Two Writing Teachers” blog. 
i was lucky enough to be asked a few rather interesting questions about all things “Goldilocks and just the one bear”. This Nosy Crow book is now out in the USA and published by candlewick over there. (in the US the book is called “Goldilocks and the one bear” by the way).
i was so thrilled to get a few rather nice comments at the end of the interview. makes me feel pleased that i am not a crazy doolally person and sometimes i get it right!

here is the cover to the picture book i have just finished with nosy crow

it is troll swap
it has a troll in it
it has a swap in it
troll swap

it won’t be out for aaaaaaaaaaaaaages as has just gone of to proof this week.
i wish i wasn’t so impatient!

ooh look what i recieved in the post… my advance copies of the next doodle-tastic magical mix up book- friends and fashion.
illustrated by me and written by marnie edwards. published by those lovely nosy crows

think it will be out in the shopperoonees in sept 2012.
but for those of you who can’t wait (hello? are you out there?!) here are a few little peeks inside…

princess sapphire delves into the world of whizzing up a little number on the old  royal sewing machine

 witch emerald concocts a crazy potion to make spotty pet toad boris better

the girls are horrified at some of the outfits at the fashion show.

woohoo got a pocket full of mix-up badges through the post today from the lovely Nosy Crows!
the world would be a sadder place without badges
everyone loves a good badge or two.

the lovely Nosy Crows asked me to do a little illustration for their website “Books” section.
So i did this.
See it in situ here

an exciting day of real post (sorry mister postman- but at least you will get big muscles for cycling up that hill)
today i saw the proofs of my second magical mix up books for nosy crow.
this books accent colour is purple (nice!)
this book is about fashion shows and ill toads (always a magical combination)
was pleased to see how it has all come together
this book will be out in sept 2012 i think

a sneaky look at the illustrations i am doing at the moment for my new book for nosy crow.
this is a reformed troll drinking tea in a very sophisticated manner.

i can’t say anything else as it is meant to be a big hushy
the book will be published sometime in the future (maybe next autumn) when we will all be wearing tinfoil space suits (ok, it will just be me wearing a tinfoil suit then).

what a lovely parcel i did get in the post.
i opened up the little box and look what i found inside… why only a lovely little bear.
so it seems i have adopted a real live actual proper bear.
i am so excited!
i got some bear postcards and bear info and everything also.
but who was it from, surely there was a mistake? i didn’t order a bear did i?
it was only from my fab publisher nosy crow to say congratulations on the publication of my new book
“goldilocks and just the one bear”.

aw………. you guys are great!
ps the little bear is called Parker

hey hey…. these are some lovely big fatty A2 prints of my new picture book “Goldilocks and just the one bear” that i have done for nosy crow to be displayed in a foyer somewhere in birmingham. i love big prints.. and these scrub up quite good i reckon.

ps sorry the photo is a little blurry- i took the photo last night and the camera was a bit pooped.

my advance copies of the first “magical mixup” doodly chapter book with the Nosy Crows arrived in the post today. Think it will be out in marchish?

I illustrated the book and it was written by the wonderful Marnie Edwards.

It is for ages 7+ and  features bonkers besties Emerald the Witch and Princess Sapphire who whizz about unravelling mixups galore. in the book the mixup is a wedding and a birthday party.

It is the twin sister book for the uber brilliant “mega mash up” series where the reader is encouraged to doodle and design and finish the illustrations… can think of anything more fun!

We are just putting the finishing touches on book number 2… and there are even more to come!