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whoop whoop hark at the french trollswap!
their french names did make me chuckle i have to say…

timothy limpets french name is Hippolyte Patel…
and tabitha lumpits french name is Petula Petal

there is something weirdly satisfying seeing what looks like your own handwriting in a book, with words you have written, in a different language that you cannot speak (i flunked my french a level years ago oops!)

whoop whoop here they are!
troll swap in hardback and in softyback
troll swap is my latest picture book with nosy crow
will be out in real live actual shops in march i think
100% genuine trolls guaranteed
100% genuine good little boys and girls included

100% good trollish story on lovely woodf ree paper (swoon!)

have a read of this nice review of dear boris from the states by penny klostermann on her book blog here
This book was my 2nd published picture book published by orchard….by the way boris is colin in the uk just to confuse everyone!

such lovely other comments by her blog readers too.
really means alot to me
thanks penny! x

so through the post today i received my troll swap proofs!
sooo exciting!
this is my first book using woodfree paper, which is nice and thick and rough.
Pleased with the matt lamination on the front cover
this book is like wife swap- but with a troll and a little girl instead.

 this is timothy limpet (a rubbish troll)

and this is tabitha lumpit (a not very good at being good little girl)

the book needs a couple of teeny tweaks and will be out next year.

long live troll!

here is the troll swap dummy book with a dazzling selection of other nosy crow picture books that are at the frankfurt book fair.

even though i havent seen these dummy books in the flesh (boo hoo) i think they all look real corkers, lets hope all the folk at the fair do.

right you lot- when you have finished scoffing your breakfast why not have a look here on the fab “Two Writing Teachers” blog. 
i was lucky enough to be asked a few rather interesting questions about all things “Goldilocks and just the one bear”. This Nosy Crow book is now out in the USA and published by candlewick over there. (in the US the book is called “Goldilocks and the one bear” by the way).
i was so thrilled to get a few rather nice comments at the end of the interview. makes me feel pleased that i am not a crazy doolally person and sometimes i get it right!

here is the cover to the picture book i have just finished with nosy crow

it is troll swap
it has a troll in it
it has a swap in it
troll swap

it won’t be out for aaaaaaaaaaaaaages as has just gone of to proof this week.
i wish i wasn’t so impatient!

goldilocks and just the one bear get a little mention in the telegraphs children’s books for the summer
which is meltingly lovely.
thanks nosy crow for bringing it to my blurry sleep deprived attention!
so glad that this book is being well received… i think i shall have a little ice lolly to celebrate.

this is tabitha for my new book (the troll book)
this is some scruffy artwork before it is polished and scrubbed up to look neat and proper-ish.

read here on library mice

i  never really realised that my colour palette was retro… but i guess it is. i do like a bit of green orange and pink it is so true.

thanks libraby mice squeak squeak!

last week was shrove tuesday
today is troll tuesday.
nice to be snipping/sticking/painting/messy again on a new book for those nosy crows

todays floor snippings (in a kind of like paper hairdressers floor type way)

Sunny searches everywhere for her smile: under the sofa, in the dog basket, in all her pockets, yet it’s nowhere to be found. But while she is busy searching and playing and having fun looking something special happens…

you can buy it on amazon here.. SMILE!