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thanks to nosy crow for doing such a great job in getting these lovely doodle titles out in the big wide world!

So this morning (after being up since 5am and up 5 times with baby boy in the night… yawn!) i did my troll swap event at the lovely buttercup cafe in lewes for the bag of books summer party.


it was lots of fun, and very messy!


here are the cupcake trays filled with buttons, sequins, pompoms and little felt teeth!



this was my favourite…. simple but really stylish i think.

i would buy this one.



a nice cheesy grin for the camera mister troll!


i just love the expression on this little troll here


this disco troll was particularly glitzy i must say


i love the little pointy teeth!

am hoping that all the children treated their grown ups to a fun troll puppet show later in the day


bag of books set up a book tent in the courtyard and made a fine display of my books.

i wish we could have hung around for the rest of the day as there were oodles of fun and exciting things to do there (my little girl cried when we left to go home to our artwave shop boo hoo)

am so pleased that the grizzly weather cleared up and we got some sunshine… hoorah

if you want to have a look at other things that went on in the day have a look at the rather fab little lewes blog.


ooh, and here is my lame big drawing of timothy limpet.

i find it always a bit odd drawing so big and standing to the side so that little people can watch. 

that is my excuse for timothy having a bit of a squishy head. 

and another tip, never draw lots of individual hairs… it takes ages and people get bored!

but a lovely morning.

thanks all for coming and making such wonderful trolls

and thanks for bag of books for inviting me to be part of their summer party.


bah, oh drats, it is raining, and the path has flooded…. let us hope it doesn't stop people stopping by…wb_250

…for marshmallow rocky road, oat and raisin chocolate cookies, banana bread or lemon loaf…


here we are, the worker bees


snippysews smiling and waiting for their new homes


unframed prints, silver jewellery and badges, there has to be badges


shelves all dressed and neat and tidy


books waiting to be signed and read


silly old rain rain go away, come back another day.

now to sit down and listen to the singing detective sound track and try and resist eating all the cake!

a sneaky look at the illustrations i am doing at the moment for my new book for nosy crow.
this is a reformed troll drinking tea in a very sophisticated manner.

i can’t say anything else as it is meant to be a big hushy
the book will be published sometime in the future (maybe next autumn) when we will all be wearing tinfoil space suits (ok, it will just be me wearing a tinfoil suit then).

yee-ha – so what a lovely thing to arrive in the post this morning! 
…my advance copies for my first (of many i hope) books with the superduper Nosy crows.

also squeezed into the envelope were a couple of the greek edition. and may i say what a splendid job they did on the hand lettering.

 Thank you Ikaros books!

I dedicated this book to my brand new shiny nephew elliot. he is a real beauty,
I do hope he likes this little bear booky surprise!

just as an after note- this was a tricky book for me as i had a big trauma half way through it. my stupid rubbish hard drive malfunctioned with ALL my artwork on (oh, and a year of my little girls baby photos…don’t ask, that is a whole different kettle of fish).

 so i had to start all over again. this was really really hard, but worth it as i am really pleased with this book. actually, i am doubly as proud of myself as i have worked twice as hard. so my plea to you all out there is BACK UP YOUR WORK/PHOTOS/ANYTHING PRECIOUS- as sometimes clever technology is utterly stupid and unreasonable.

 anyway- the book is out in march…. i really hope you will like it too

ps, thank you nice big green sofa so looking so nice in the backgrounds of the photos.

so…. “Don’t put your Pants on your Head Fred” is out out out!

it is the second collaboration with the loverly Caryl Hart and is the follow up to
“Don’t put your Chips in your Drink Kate!

it is about getting dressed, soldiers and most importantly…. PANTS!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Edinburgh book festival again this year.

It is the most amazing place at the best of times, but with the Book festival on, it is EVEN more magical… sigh..

anyway, I did a workshop about Sunny McClouds “SMILE!” story.
Here are a few snippysnaps and little facts of the day…
We read stories
We played games (stick the smile on the Sunny)
We made spare smiles incase our own smiles ever get lost (it does happen)
We made paper Sunnys
… all in an hour! (nice and jam packed).
Then I got excited about seeing a gaggle of my books perched on shelves.
(Especially the shiny new ones “SCRUMMY!” and “LIMELIGHT LARRY”)
Then I signed some books (without making any smudgey mistakes thank goodness).
I hope everyone enjoyed it.
I did!

Scrummy! is the new Sunny McCloud story.
It is all about families and sandwiches (two of my favourite things by the way).

mnnnn….. making this book made me PECKISH!


so limelight larry is out out OUT!
if you want to see a REAL show off, then this book is for YOU!
an additional treat is the little animation trailer i made for limlight larry…
(well i did say he was a show off!)

Limelight Larry from Beakus on Vimeo.

Limelight Larry (my book about a show-off peacock) is nearly nearly really out…. exciting stuff!
have a peep at the

Limelight Larry advert on Angels & Urchines weekly!

a plethora of pant…

So, my new Sunny McCLoud book “SCRUMMY!” is out in september 2010
to celebrate this fact, Orchard have cooked up some scrummy sandwhichy fun.
mmmn… making me a little peckish….

here are the end papers of the new Sunny McCloud book “SCRUMMY” thati have just finished.
(All about food, sandwiches and families)
A bit of a shame as these end papers i LOVE – but we aren’t going to use them.
Will have to come up with some new ones.
ah well…

oooh it has shiny foil on it too
in real life it glimmers and everything!

Everyone who went to the launch got to gobble up one of these yummy looking cakes.
mmnn…. why didn’t I go again? what a fool.
one of those cakes had my name on it I am sure.

here is Caryl Hart (the author of the book) reading the book.

this HUGE poster with fabulous colour in cakes that the children at the launch made is now on display in the Sheffield Library.

You can see more photos of the party and other fun bits and bobs on Caryls blog

Show off Limelight Larry is the star of my new picture book which will be out next year ….
He forced Orchard books to put him on the front of their Frankfurt Bookfair booklet.
(He doesn’t realise how lucky he is).

I hope he didn’t make a nuisance of himself at the bookfair and that he made lots of friends. (fingers crossed!)

crumbs…. what good company I am with-
I had better behave myself

i have made some crafty cutouts in preperation for my SMILE! event at the Polka Dot theatre in a few weeks.

leighs polka dot theatre event

to read the booktrust interview do clicky here

sigh…. always charlie and lola, well it is a great show.