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remember a while back i posted up a design i did for a quilt for the new baby?

well my clever clogs mum made it into a real life actual thing and gave it to me for christmas.
it is very beautiful, i am sure the new baby will love it.

thanks mum!

my clever mum is going to make me another baby quilt…
here is my scribbly drawing that i based it on

and here is the quilt design… i think it is nice to have a happy scene with rain.
i love rain
so do ducks
so do children with wellies

i will blog when my clever mum has made the quilt… watch this space!.

let your peepers soak up these peacocky quilty treats that a crafty someone called SARAH has made. good work Sarah!
Larry WILL be pleased that he had made it into the wonderful world of the quilts and quillows
( who wouldn’t?!)