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yes i know, this was a month or so ago, but give me a break! i have been busy ok and only just got around to blogging it.
lovely review though, and lovely company to be in also.
wish i had time to make a new book…. sigh…. sooon hoon…..

one by wonderful american librarian on Librarians Quest blog
read it here.

aw, such nice comments make me smile in my tummy and go whoop whoop in my brain, i do believe that this has made my year so far!

also, i meant to mention this nice review from Read it daddy blog back in october 2012, but must have got waylaid with domesticity and tantrums and being a grown up or something.
better late than never….read it here.
just a little heartfelt thank you for all the people who like and review my stuff- it really does mean a lot to me just to know that i am not loopy (or maybe that i am loopy, but that is actually ok and appreciated!)

how very nice!

Leigh Hodgkinson’s Goldilocks and Just the One Bear (Nosy Crow, £10.99) is a satirical re-writing of a favourite story. This time it is the bear who invades the home: a posh apartment owned by Goldilocks, now a fashionable wife and mum. Leigh Hodgkinson’s bright and stylish illustrations go happily over the top.

“happily over the top,” is that a good thing.. gulpo

if you don’ believe me (shame on you!) have a looky here

thanks to the lovely sniffing pug for including my “goldilocks and just the one bear” in your sooperdooper list of fab childrens books of 2012.

this news has made me oh so pleased that i might just reward myself with a biscuit (not a doggy one mind).

see the whole list here.

i am pleased to say i own about 90% of them (and the rest are on my christmas list!)

Have a look at BookARoos (aka superstar author caryl harts) cheek reddeningly nice review about “Goldilocks and just the one bear” here.

i love the fact that she said it was snort-out-load-able. snorting is always a good reaction in my book (2the book of snorts”….it hasn’t been published yet)

goldilocks and just the one bear get a little mention in the telegraphs children’s books for the summer
which is meltingly lovely.
thanks nosy crow for bringing it to my blurry sleep deprived attention!
so glad that this book is being well received… i think i shall have a little ice lolly to celebrate.

read here on library mice

i  never really realised that my colour palette was retro… but i guess it is. i do like a bit of green orange and pink it is so true.

thanks libraby mice squeak squeak!

Keep it under your hat as if Larry catches wind of this super review from Bookbag his head will get even bigger
(and we can’t be having that can we!)

clicky here to read a lovely review for SMILE!
on the writeaway website