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one by wonderful american librarian on Librarians Quest blog
read it here.

aw, such nice comments make me smile in my tummy and go whoop whoop in my brain, i do believe that this has made my year so far!

also, i meant to mention this nice review from Read it daddy blog back in october 2012, but must have got waylaid with domesticity and tantrums and being a grown up or something.
better late than never….read it here.
just a little heartfelt thank you for all the people who like and review my stuff- it really does mean a lot to me just to know that i am not loopy (or maybe that i am loopy, but that is actually ok and appreciated!)


  1. ah glad you found me and my blog! and thanks again for the lovely review. have a wonderful day!

  2. Xena's Mom wrote:

    I visited your blog today and what did I see but this reference to my review. This makes me feel so wonderful, Leigh. And I love the bear picture with the heart. I’m so glad I discovered this book. Thank you.

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